short story slam week 176,

a holiday inn hotel is cute

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sometimes, when we live in a far distance hotel,

the air is fresh

the smell is great

a blank sheet of white color

a stone wall

these make life more enjoyable

poetry and story inn fridays week 105, world peace theme post , 2021 <—-2012,

How to Be Present and Peaceful When You Can't Stop Thinking
Happy World Environment Day 2018: Theme, Quotes, Poster, Slogan,  Significance, WhatsApp Messages, HD Images | Lifestyle News – India TV

the world is messy

the world is noisy

the world is full of conflicts

we choose to stay upgraded

not to disagree

but to mind our own inner strength and peace

poetry form week 67,

At the most basic level a cinquin is a five line poem or stanza

 Line 1 – two syllables
Line 2 – four syllables
Line 3 – six syllables
Line 4 – eight syllables
Line 5 – two syllables

april fool

lots of wonders

if you agree to play

unexpected things could bubble 

osho mmm


another example:

may flowers

less or few breeze

some people choose to run faster

no one agrees to quit

the enchanted garden is quiet all day

short story slam week 171

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Tacoma and samredfuz means High tech,

which means we represent a focused group,

as a topic, write something easy to be read,

we write  for s joy………………

 a sample below

maryposa decides to go shopping,

before she rides on a bus,

a flying machine appears

some brown bags fall

the front door is piled with 100 pink rose,

the kitchen is stacked with 50 sacks of meat, and fish

some 25 types of fruits appear in her kitchen table,

a fairy waves her hand

some owls hoot in the distance

a dinner is set without cooking

hot soup, delicious tomato slice, and pure white rice bowls

short story slam week 170,

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bill gates and paul allen, micro-soft cofounder

apple inc. co-founder, david wozniak, steven jobs, alan noel,

alibaba, jack ma,

suning, stacy sullivan, frank watson,

yahoo, jerry yang, david filo,, feng xiaogang, kate middleton,, michael dell,, pyra labs, evan williams,, Adnan Oktar, matt mullenweg,, steven chan

barnes &, charles barnes, william barnes, leonard riggo , clifford noble, gordon cooper,

tj max store, bernard Cammarata

J. C. Penney, James Penney, William Henry McMarcus

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western Governors University,

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