poetry and story inn fridays week 115,

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far away dreams

the day comes closer to our eyes

when the moon join our view,

the day hides

a dream is what we desire

a day is what we could dream of from time to time


life is but a dream

the sunday whirl wordle 515


a child lost in a thunder storm?

a man with masks falls on the dry floor?

no blinds in the kitchen?

no food counter near a church lunch table?

some freshly invented fashion clothing sends out cheerful messgaes,

a gust of wind blows from nowhere,

surge to rage

or rise to lighten up our heavy mood?

you decide,

I roll up my sleeves without doing anything,

I make up my mind without teeth gritting,

I hang myself on wireless talent show,

my self-esteem finds a secure floor to rest…

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